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Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals is at the epicenter of the culinary universe on the Northern California Redwood Coast.
Having been a resident of Humboldt County since 1974, your Humble Humboldt Golden Eagle Host knows where to get the goods.

Locally Hand Crafted Wines produced in Humboldt County are often featured at Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals.
Venison, Elk Meat, Smoked Salmon, locally made beef jerky and cheeses are some of the ‘goodies’ you may see on a Golden Eagle Complimentary Plate.

Great Places to Dine

Our Favorite Coffee Shop

Cafe Mokka (707) 822-2228 495 J StArcata CA Why would you go to a coffee shop for a bad back? The serene zen like garden atmosphere at Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals is evident at Cafe Mokka, formally named the Finnish Hot Tubs. This little gem resembles a traditinal...

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Where to Find the Best Pizza

ACTIVATE your brain's pleasure center with a bite of pizza pie!Why is the Margherita Pizza the 'Mother Of All Pizzas'? Why is Pepperoni Pizza America's most popular number-one Pizza? Is Honolulu where Hawaiian Pizza originated? From antiquity, ancient cultures have...

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Luffenholtz Beach and Overlook

Walk 50 feet and see our World! This is one of the lesser known beaches in the area but is well worth seeing. From the parking area it is a short walk down a sandy path to a truely incredible vantage point. You can look north to Trinidad head and south to the...

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The Trinidad Eatery

FYI: The Trinidad Eatery IS Vegetarian Friendly with many Vegan and Gluten Free Options. Steak, fresh local seafood dishes & other American fare are featured at this small town cafe/grill which includes a gift shop and art gallery.Since 1975 hometown hospitality...

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Baker Beach

Baker Beach is a spectacular secuded rocky cove with a sandy beach that is accessable from the Scenic Drive south of Trinidad. Search for the pull-out parking spaces after passing Baker Ranch Road. There are no signs marking it's location other than one placed there...

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Our Favorite Restaurants

RECOMMENDED  are your humble hosts' favorite local dining and  watering holes. 1. The Moonstone GrillFine dining, a glamorous bar and a spectacular vista of the coastline perched above the Little River estuary at Moonstone Beach is the perfect place to enjoy a...

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The Best Place for Seafood

Humboldt County has long been recognized as a leader in the fisheries industry. Humboldt Bay serves as a natural biofilter and is the perfect ecological environment for the acres of commercial oyster beds visible at low tide. Blessed with abundant natural fisheries...

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