Cafe Mokka
(707) 822-2228
495 J St
Arcata CA

Why would you go to a coffee shop for a bad back?
The serene zen like garden atmosphere at Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals is evident at Cafe Mokka, formally named the Finnish Hot Tubs.
This little gem resembles a traditinal Finnish cottage and is more than just a cafe.
Cafe Mocca is a fantastic spot to relax!
There are several outdoor hot tubs with a little deck and a tall fence surrounding it.
A nice outdoor rinsing shower, private dressing room and surrounding greenery and trees
provides compete privacy during your hot tub experience.
Rumor is that most of the locals go nude!.. (just in the tub of course).
The tubs are maintained well and are very CLEAN.
Reservations are a good idea if you want an hour long soak.
There are also very private outdoor saunas if steam is more your thing.
A warm and welcoming atmosphere is enhanced by a fireplace, live acoustic music some nights,
coffee shop, patio, board games, international magazines, and a litany of community events hosted inside the parlor area.
Similar to Golden Eagle Vacation Rentals, this little ‘Hobbit house’ is like a little cottage nestled in the woods
The tubs are constructed from large cedar planks, fenced in for privacy and not roofed.
Raindrops and drizzle are refreashing on a cool night.
The coffee, soups and pastries are excellent.